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About ABS

Associates in Behavioral Science is a behavioral health practice that was established in 1989; successfully treating a wide variety of psychological and emotional problems for the past 31 years. We are a group of psychiatrists, nurse practitioners, psychologists, social workers and clinical professional counselors employing the latest evidenced-based practices in assisting our clients. We offer individual, group, couples and family treatment, an intensive outpatient program and have available alternative approaches including acupuncture, meditation, yoga and other healing methods. ABS has helped many families and individuals resolve their issues and restore a healthy quality of life.

  • Services available seven days per week with prompt appointments
  • We serve all age ranges from children through seniors
  • Extensive experience with all clinical populations; mild through severe disorders
  • Special populations such as geropsychiatry and chronic mental illness
  • Diagnostic and Psychological Assessment and testing
  • We are a holistic, systems and service minded behavioral health practice

Our counselors are highly trained. Spanish Speaking counselors are available.

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Outpatient Services

The professionals at ABS have extensive experience with all clinical populations including children, adolescents and adults as well as special populations, such as those with severe and persistent mental illness. ABS treats a wide array of problems including depression, anxiety, interpersonal/relational issues, behavioral problems and more severe psychiatric illnesses. Since 1989, ABS has helped numerous patients resolve their problems and improve their quality of life.

Water droplet image representing individual therapy

Individual Psychotherapy

Meet with an experienced therapist for one on one sessions.

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Meeting one to one with a therapist who will assist in evaluating, understanding and resolving the client's emotional/psychological issues using proven evidenced based modalities of treatment.

Two lillies in water representing couples therapy

Couples Psychotherapy

Meet with a therapist as a couple to work towards improving your relationship.

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Even the best relationships take work. In marital and couples therapy, the therapist will meet with the couple together and help identify and address the relational issues between them; helping to resolve the conflicts in interacting that the two may experience.

A forest of trees representing family therapy

Family Psychotherapy

Improve relationships and resolve issues between family members.

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Whether between parents and children or between siblings, we can address the myriad of conflicts that may occur in the family system that negatively impact the relationships between family members.

Circle of rocks in water representing group therapy

Intensive Outpatient Program

Meet with a group to exchange insights, and share support for one another.

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Group counseling led by a therapist brings together a small group of clients who discuss the issues they are experiencing. These meetings serve as a place where the client can explore their problems with the support of others, offering the insight of not only a trained therapist but people who may also be experiencing similar issues.

Green and blue medical caduceus representing psychiatric medication management

Medication Management

We provide medication management services to those who attend psychotherapy.

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Outpatient medication management involves the initial evaluation of the patient's need for psychotropic medications and their medication history, selecting the medication(s) to be used and ordering a prescription, followed by ongoing medical monitoring of the medications effectiveness and desired outcome by a qualified physician or nurse practitioner. Psychotropic medications are a critical part of the treatment of certain mental health problems with more serious symptoms. Utilizing the right medication can reduce or eliminate symptoms and provide relief. Depending upon the problem being addressed some medication usage is short term and for other serious and persistent psychiatric illnesses may be ongoing. Since psychological research has fully established for over the past thirty years that the combination of medication usage and psychotherapy are far more effective than medication usage alone, Associates in Behavioral Science requires patients to agree to attend psychotherapy in order for us to provide medication management.

Image of hands with sun in background in the shape of the brain

Psychological Testing

We provide testing for a range of psychological/neurological problems.

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Associates in Behavioral Science provides general psychological testing for emotional/ psychological problems to define symptoms and gain valuable information for accurate formal psychiatric diagnosis. We also provide assessment for ADHD and learning disorders for ages 13 and up. We serve other organizations with pre-employent screening and clearance of police and fire fighter candidates as well as other professions. Presurgical clearances as related to patients' psychological readiness for transplant, bariatric and other surgeries are also provided as well as neuropsychological screening for cognitive problems and dementia.

Please Note:

  • ABS does not deal with any court related matters.
  • We only provide medication management services to those who participate in therapy.
  • We do not provide treatment for substance use.


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