ABS is adhering to the following safety practices, as recommended by the CDC

  • Limiting the number of staff and patients in the clinic at one time.
  • Practicing social distancing of a minimum of 6 feet at all times in the treatment environment.
  • Expansion of waiting area space and directed seating of patients such that patients will be properly socially distanced.
  • Universal masking of all staff and clients present in the office.
  • Recommending frequent hand washing and carrying out frequent sanitation of surfaces by all staff and increased sanitation activities by housekeeping.
  • Keeping an adequate stock of supplies for cleaning, disinfecting and face coverings.

Current CDC health screenings and information

  • All new clients will be advised that before their first visit they will be required to obtain a negative COVID-19 test result
  • All staff and patients entering the building will be screened at the entrance by having a temperature taken and symptom questions asked. Anyone with a temperature of 100° or above, or who screened positive on health questions will not be permitted to enter. Recommendations to pursue a COVID-19 test will be made
  • Staff and patients are continuously educated about the symptoms of COVID-19, are taught to self-monitor and are informed should they experience any that they should not be coming to the office.
  • Encouraging the use of, and transitioning as much as possible to regular use of tele-psych services is appropriate for each patient, individually considered. Assist patients in setting up tele-psych on their electronic devices and educate for use. (For quality control, we generally require that therapists perform tele-psych services from our offices, but they encounter very little contact with others in doing so.)
  • On-site psychotherapy services that performed will follow all of the precautionary guidelines.

COVID-19 infected staff and clients

  • Any staff or client reporting symptoms will be immediately separated and sent home with quarantine instructions. Properly disinfect area that the sick individual utilized.
  • If a staff or client tests positive for COVID-19, inform all those who've come into close contact with that person and instruct to stay home and self-monitor for symptoms.
  • Follow all CDC guidelines on various time periods for self-quarantining as well as time periods for staffs’ return to work or clients’ return to in person treatment after symptom free and recovered.
  • ABS staff who test positive can perform tele-psych services from home provided they are well enough to carry these out and may return after the proper symptom free period and quarantine.
More Information

Associates in Behavioral Science has secured ongoing consultation as needed from an infection control expert to guide us in keeping everyone safe and healthy. We stay up to date with any current and changing guidelines and advice from the CDC. For more information, please visit the CDC Website